Associate Membership

The pathway to professionalism


You are eligible to become an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria through two routes

  1. A Student Member to become an Associate
  2. An Associate of other Insurance Institutions recognised by the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria.

Registration Process 

A Student member becoming an Associate:

— A Student Member is entitled to become an Associate if they satisfy the Governing Council that for a period of five years immediately preceding the date of application in that behalf, they have been fit persons, and in addition to being successful at a qualifying examination prescribed by the Institute, have been holder of approved academic or professional qualification and have been in continuous active employment as insurance practitioners

— Applicant must have updated all records on the members’ portal

— Applicant must have been issued the certificates for the first and second stage as well as a Letter of Completion.

— Applicant must submit 2 recent passport photographs

— Pay Induction fee as stipulated by the Institute.

An Associate of other Insurance Institutes recognised by the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria:

— The Applicant must be an Associate of a recognised Insurance Institute.

— Complete an application form and submit it along with certified photocopies of your Credentials.

— Applicant must submit letter of attestation to good character.

— Applicant must submit evidence of having been engaged in the Insurance Industry for a minimum of five years prior to the year of filing application.

— Application will be considered by the Membership & Professional Standards Committee

— The decision of the Governing Council on the Election of Associate is final.

— On election, each successful applicant will pay an election fee stipulated by the Institute.