Frequency Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to questions we get asked the most

Frequently asked Questions

How do I join CIIN?

Visit Levels of Membership to find out how to join the CIIN.

Lost my certificate, how do I get a duplicate?

Write a letter, attach a police report and send to Director General’s office.

How do I get my results? 

Visit the Examinations directorate at the CIIN Secretariat.

To receive confirmation about my exam entry?

Visit the Members’ Portal to get more updates on your exam entry.

What are the CII examination dates?

This information is available at Timetables for specific exam dates on the current diet.

How can I change my name on my certificate?

Send a letter, attach evidence of change of name such as affidavit or newspaper publication

Why can’t I update my details online?

Click on Guidelines to see steps to change your profile

Where are the exams centres?

Visit our website at Examination Centers for the full list.

Any exemptions for graduates?

Exemptions are based on accreditation given to your institution.

How do I register for exams outside Lagos?

We have Chapters in other states, Click on Chapters to see a fill list.

Want to know annual subscription payment?

Login to the Members’ Portal , check on my financial position.

Is my school accredited?

Information available at Accredited Institutions

If you are in need of further clarifications, you can reach out to us via the Contact us page or send enquiries to, call 08172040917